COVID-19: What Is Herd Immunity, And How Does It Work?


Countries all over the world aim to achieve herd immunity to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. Herd immunity or population immunity is attained when individual immunity is scaled to a population-wide magnitude. This is often considered in the context of vaccination. When more and more people get vaccinated, it increases their immunity level against a disease. And achieving herd immunity can provide indirect protection to those who have not been or cannot be vaccinated.

Although some studies suggest that herd immunity can also be achieved through natural infection, vaccination is the most prevalent method. Its advantages can be seen in how people were able to gain herd immunity against other diseases like measles and mumps. However, one must be aware of the dangers of mixing covid vaccine and alcohol or other substances which may cause interaction. These illnesses are now uncommon in most countries because of stringent vaccination efforts and population immunity.

Vaccines are administered to stimulate an individual’s immune system to produce proteins that fight diseases. This protein is known as antibodies. Being vaccinated reduces the disease’s effect and can help the body against severe infection. It can also break transmission chains, preventing the further spreading of the virus.

However, it is crucial to note that being vaccinated does not equate to being completely resistant to the disease. People still need to exercise caution and observe proper health protocols.

For example, if you are a traveller entering Europe, it is recommended to identify authorized vaccines in the region and undergo a fit to fly COVID test. Many countries often require PCR tests, but others also accept a rapid antigen test.

Knowing the travellers’ current health status remains vital in controlling the pandemic. In addition, determining the type of COVID test accepted by a country prevents hassles and allows the individual to fulfil the correct requirement.

For more information, see this infographic from Official Rapid Tests expounding on COVID-19 herd immunity and how it works.

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