Chemical peeling – Types and Advantages

With the increase in the number of vehicles on the road and industries around cities and towns, the atmosphere has changed a great deal. The ozone layer used to be a protective umbrella over your head that blocks most of the harmful UV rays. But with air quality going down and air pollution on the rise, the depletion of the ozone layer is a real thing.

This has negatively impacted many spheres of life and the most immediate side effect of ozone layer depletion can be seen in your skin after a little exposure to sunlight. Sunburns and allergic reactions to the skin are common these days.

The damage caused to your skin can be very bad and sometimes even irreparable. Fortunately, professional skin treatment methods like chemical peel at Clinique Anti Aging can be a solution to your problems.

What is chemical peeling?

Chemical peeling is the treatment method of using safe chemical solutions over the surface of your skin to treat any damage or skin issues. After the application of these treating chemicals on your skin, it is left there for around half an hour. With a slight burning sensation, the upper layer of dead skin cells is peeled off and new cells underneath are resurfaced.

There are mainly three types of chemical peeling methods employed, depending upon the type of skin and the penetration required.

  • Light chemical peeling
  • Medium chemical peeling
  • Deep chemical peeling

In light chemical peeling, only soft acids are applied to the skin surface. The duration of application is also less. For skin damages limited to tanning and brown spots, this method of peeling will be sufficient.

In the medium chemical peeling method, a more serious acid is applied to the skin surface. In this method, more serious skin issues are addressed. Also, a deeper peeling of the skin is done in medium peeling.

Deep chemical peeling is the method of applying strong but safe acids on the skin surface and leaving it on for around a day. The acids will penetrate deep into the dermis and peel off the deal skin cells and rejuvenate the skin altogether. But this has to be carried out under the supervision of an expert dermatologist.

Many skin-related problems can be resolved using controlled chemical peeling treatment by walk in clinic brampton. To conclude, chemical peeling is an instant result solution to all your skin issues if administered properly and n precise amounts.