Back Pain Belts You Need

Back pain is a common problem among people across all age groups nowadays. A sedentary lifestyle which includes being seated for long hours with little movement is one of the main reasons for back pain. However, it can result from injuries, degenerative disorders, problems with the spine, or rheumatism.

Back pain that goes away on its own is generally not that serious. Such pain can be managed at home. In case of a nagging pain that refuses to go away, it is better to get it fixed. Seek the help of a doctor and discuss what can be the best course of treatment for you. One of the most effective ways of managing this problem is a back pain belt that offers support and provides relief to the pain.

What is a back pain belt?

A back pain belt is worn around the waist and designed to support the spine. A back pain belt is usually an effective line of treatment advised by doctors to treat intense and chronic back problems. These belts work well because they offer support to the spine. Thus, they keep the back sturdy by reducing unnecessary movement to treat back pain.

Back pain belts help fight pain:

Back pain belts help straighten your spine and prevent unnecessary bending. Long-term use helps reduce further injuries and addresses issues relating to the back.

In the case of back pain, it is crucial to understand and address the underlying reason behind the symptom. The pain can result from degenerative problems or disorders of the spine, a pinched nerve, and injuries caused while playing sports or other vigorous physical activities. If left untreated, these problems tend to worsen over time and also take more time to heal. A trained medical practitioner is the best person to consult in these cases.

Types of back pain belts:

Back pain belts can be of several different types. The doctor will recommend a back pain belt for you after closely examining your problem.

For lower back pain, doctors recommend flexible belts made of materials such as cotton/elastic blends, canvas, and neoprene. 

Some back pain belts are less flexible while providing sturdy support to the spine. These belts provide added support to the spine, help adjust the posture and shift weight off the spinal column. They also moderately restrict the limit of movement, thus offering protection to the injured portions. The warmth of the brace further relaxes the tense muscles, offering comfort.

Maintaining back pain belts:

Proper maintenance ensures their longevity and also keeps them effective. Since most of us wear back pain belts for long periods of time, it is vital to keep them clean and wash them with care. 

Never wash these braces using a washing machine. They should be hand-washed and rinsed with warm water and mild detergent. Do not use a blower. Just hang them out to dry until they are fit for use again.

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