Quick and Easy Ways to Improve Your Mental Health

We all know and recognize that maintaining good physical health is important, but so often, mental health is overlooked. Even when times and budgets are tight, there are things you can do to improve your mental outlook. Here are 10 suggestions you might want to try:

  • Take care of your body: If your body is healthy your mind should follow. A proper diet and exercise can improve your mental capacity and help you live longer. Eat more fresh vegetables and fruit, join a gym or create your home workout program.   
  • Be a volunteer: This can be a major boost to your self-esteem and at the same time you’re getting that “feel-good” emotion because you’re helping those in need. You should be able to find plenty of volunteering opportunities in your local community. 
  • Write a gratitude journal: Journaling is a great way to reduce stress, cope with depression, and manage anxiety. It’s a way of organizing thoughts on paper and you should journal about whatever is on your mind. Use your journal as a space to express your thoughts and feelings safely.  
  • Hang around positive people: If you associate with the right people it will do a world of good for your mental health. If the people you hang around with tend to be negative and are glass-half-empty kind of people, you should be looking for more positive people to spend your time with. 
  • Relax more: We all lead such busy lives nowadays and it’s easy to forget about taking time out to relax. Even if you can only squeeze in 30 minutes of alone time your mind will certainly thank you. 
  • Ditch the bad habits: Do you still smoke? How many units of alcohol do you consume every week? It’s about time you made the effort to quit these bad habits. They might give you short-term pleasure, but in the long term, they’re damaging your overall mental health. 
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it: If you’re worried about your mental health don’t be embarrassed or ashamed to ask for help. For serious mental health conditions, you might have to involve a professional. But otherwise, reach out to family and friends and you’re sure to find ways to alleviate your problems.  
  • Do what makes you happy more often: Whatever you like doing, find the time to do it, whether it’s playing golf, taking photographs, gardening, or doing crossword puzzles. 
  • Set life goals: Having a clear direction in life makes it easier to ward off personal life dissatisfaction. Try to set long-term goals on a professional or personal level because then you’ll know what you’re working towards. 
  • Communicate more: Communicate often, no matter how many people you’ve got in your life. The more you talk about emotions and feelings, the easier you’ll find it to identify any troubling signs.