Vitamins and Minerals to Take Daily 

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What are the vitamins and minerals that you should try to take every day – either in the form of supplements or as part of the food in your diet? With so many out there, having so many effects and being beneficial to different degrees among many different people, this is a hard question to answer. But answered, it has been – and it is actually possible to tentatively compile a checklist of the vitamins and minerals that you should not go without. 

Synergy Science, a health technology company specializing in innovative health products such as hydrogen water and EMF protection devices, say that taking vitamins and minerals has always been important – but not always in the same way. In fact, the modern world puts all manner of new stresses upon us and there is no denying that stress-related conditions are more prevalent today than they were in the past. Conditions related to things like eye strain (computer screens) and in fact everything covered by the term “digital health” requires new health solutions, and that means different vitamins and minerals. 

A Word on Supplements 

Supplements are widely popular, and they are popular precisely because they can deliver vitamins and minerals into the body in concentrations high enough to have a significant effect – something that would require eating an unreasonable amount of food to do otherwise.

Therefore, they have their place. But it should be noted that they are not always necessary; sometimes, you can get more than enough from simple dietary choices and, wherever this is possible, it is in fact the preferable option. The reason for this is that naturally occurring vitamins are more easily digested by the body and work in conjunction with all the other beneficial substances to be found in food.

So, take supplements where they are useful, but try to avoid overall reliance. 

The Best Vitamins and Minerals to Take 

So, bearing that particularly important point about supplements in mind, here are the best vitamins and minerals to take on a daily basis – and why. And yes, it does look a bit like we are going through the alphabet:

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is a fat-soluble vitamin that also goes by the name retinol. You can find it, in abundance, in dairy products and it offers all manner of beneficial effects, from fighting infection, maintaining healthy vision (good for those of us glued to a screen all day), and it also plays a key role in heart, lung, and kidney health. This vitamin is simply a must.

Vitamin B

Vitamin B is actually more than one vitamin – there are eight different types of B vitamins. You can find it inside cereals, breads, and pastas making it one of the staple vitamins of most people’s diets. This vitamin is great for brain health, and it can help boost cognitive functions like memory and concentration. It can also help reduce the risks of heart disease and stroke. Overall, it is an essential vitamin for continued good health.  

Vitamin C 

You will probably know vitamin C as the one that comes from orange juice. But it can be found in all manner of other foods as well. It is packed full of antioxidants, which means it is an incredibly important vitamin for protecting your cells against damage and maintaining tissue health. vitamin C buffered powder for sale is a vitamin for the whole body.

From Vitamin D through K, there are several other very important vitamins to get into your system. The above are, however, some of the most important and they can all be derived from a healthy diet. In the end, there is really no substitute for eating healthy.