Which Jobs Can You Do from Home? 

Since the global pandemic, more and more people have been working from home, which is great news for those who are looking for a better work-life balance. But while some jobs are just made for the home office, others are definitely not conducive to a home environment. If you like the idea of working from home full time, you might need to consider a career change, particularly if you are currently working in a job that must be done from a factory or other business setting. 

Best Jobs to do from Home

Data Entry Specialist

Data entry jobs such as medical coding are definitely made for the home office. The good folk at Find-A-Code say that working from home in this type of job can often mean higher productivity as there are no distractions. However, some do find being on their own difficult when it comes to jobs such as medical coding, especially if they are struggling to decipher a report. 

Social Media Influencer

There has definitely been a huge rise in social media influencers in recent times and this is a “job” that is making many people a lot of money. Those with a large following on social media will often be approached by companies to promote their products or services. They might get sent free products or even paid a fee for every product they promote. All they need to do is share their thoughts on the product with their followers via photographs and live streams. 


There is a big market for written content online. So, even if you don’t have the imagination to write a book or a short story for a magazine, you could get typing and write about different subjects for online content. Companies often hire freelancers to create pieces of content for their websites and you can charge per piece or per word. 

Customer Service Agent

Many companies are finding that it is more cost effective to get their customer service agents to work from home. With remote access to company software, they no longer need staff to come to a central building to take calls from customers. All you need is a computer and internet access. 


If you like to cook, you can do so from home. You could set up your own baking or catering company if you have the space in your home to accommodate orders. However, when it comes to food production, you will need to check with your local authority to ensure you have the required licenses. 

Jobs That Cannot be Done from Home

While working from home has become common in industries that would have previously thought it impossible, there are still some jobs that just will not work from home. These include: 

  • lab technician 
  • retail assistant
  • pub landlord
  • delivery driver
  • mailperson 
  • trash collector.

Do You Want to Work from Home? 

If you are working in a job that requires you to be out of the home for a large part of the day, then you might benefit from a career change, particularly if you have a young family and would like to cut down on the commute to and from work. 

Nevertheless, just because working from home is more common these days does not mean that it suits everyone. There are some people who found it quite isolating working from home during the pandemic lockdowns. 

To conclude, working from home is great for some people but not for others, although most individuals like the fact that it is an option they can consider should it suit their circumstances.