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Thread Lifting For Eye Lift – Pros and Cons

A few of the downsides of thread lifting are that they may spit out like traditional sutures and can cause visible threads in certain areas. In addition, threads can bunch up in areas of movement and can even cause inflammation. The procedure can also cause a lot of downtime.

PDO thread lift

PDO thread lift is the latest breakthrough in aesthetic surgery. This procedure mimics the effect of a surgical face lift without the risks and downtime. This procedure uses biodegradable threads that are biocompatible and absorbable, resulting in instantaneous lifting and contouring of the skin. In addition, the PDO threads do not cause any irritation to the skin, so you will have no downtime or discomfort afterward.

PDO thread lifts are used for a number of procedures, including an eye lift and an eyebrow lift. They can also be used on the nose and jowls. The results of this procedure are usually permanent, but there are some side effects that you need to be aware of.

Side effects

Even though thread lifting for eye lift operations are considered the least invasive surgical procedures, there is still a chance that you could experience some adverse effects. Bruising and swelling are two examples of these symptoms. In addition, a patient may suffer changes in skin texture around the threads, which will disappear during the course of treatment. Patients run the additional danger of contracting illnesses. Although the risks associated with thread lift are relatively low, it is nevertheless necessary to be informed of them before undergoing the surgery.

The process usually takes about an hour and is carried out in the clinic or office of a physician. The majority of patients are awake during the surgery, and your physician might even let you see the whole thing from the operating room window. The doctor will first numb the area to be treated using a topical anaesthetic, and then proceed to guide the threads into position. This operation may leave the affected area with transient swelling and bruising, but in most cases, these side effects disappear within one to two weeks.


If you have made the decision to get thread lifting for eye lift (ร้อยไหมยกหางตา, term in Thai), you should know that the recuperation time for thread lifting is significantly less than that for typical surgical procedures. Because this process is less intrusive and has no associated downtime, you will be able to get back to your regular activities right away. However, in order for you to recover well and stay away from any issues that could arise, you will need to follow some aftercare guidelines.

After the surgery, it is essential to maintain a healthy level of hydration. You can expect to receive detailed instructions from the surgeon. If this is your first time getting a thread lift, it is imperative that you pay close attention to the aftercare recommendations and consume a lot of clear liquids over the course of the next few days. In the case that you feel queasy or sick to your stomach, it is in your best interest to consume clear drinks until the symptoms subside.