The SUORIN AIR PRO: A Comprehensive Vape Device

The SUORIN AIR PRO is a vape device that has gained immense popularity among vapers in recent years. It is a high-performance vape device that comes with a sleek design and various user-friendly features. The device has become a top choice for vapers who prioritize convenience, portability, and quality vaping experience. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the SUORIN AIR PRO and explore what makes it stand out from the crowd.

Design and Build Quality

The SUORIN AIR PRO is a beautifully designed device that is both modern and functional. It has a zinc alloy frame that is durable and a rubber grip that feels comfortable in your hand. The device measures 96mm x 45mm x 12.7mm and weighs just 50g 85g, making it incredibly portable and easy to carry around.

The device has a sleek and streamlined design that is available in a variety of colors, including silver, black, and blue. The device also has a textured finish that provides additional grip for your hand.

Battery Life and Performance

One of the most impressive features of the SUORIN AIR PRO is its long-lasting battery life. It comes with a built-in 930mAh battery that can last for up to 18 hours of continuous use on a single charge. The device also charges quickly using a USB Type-C cable USB charging or Pogo Charging, which is included in the package.

The SUORIN AIR PRO is designed for maximum performance, delivering a smooth and consistent vaping experience. It uses a draw-activated firing mechanism that is responsive and easy to use. It also has an adjustable wattage range of 18-22W, allowing you to customize the intensity of your vapor.

Pod System and E-Liquid Compatibility

The SUORIN AIR PRO comes with a refillable pod system that can hold up to 4.9ml of e-liquid, making it perfect for all-day vaping. The pods are easy to fill using the side-fill port, and they have a sturdy magnetic connection that ensures a secure fit.

The device is compatible with a wide range of e-liquids, including nicotine salts and freebase nicotine. The innovative airflow design ensures that each puff delivers a smooth and flavorful hit, without any harshness or burnt taste.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the SUORIN AIR PRO is a well-designed, high-performance vape device that delivers a satisfying and reliable vaping experience. Its long battery life, adjustable wattage range, and compatibility with a wide range of e-liquids make it a top choice for vapers who prioritize convenience, portability, and quality. The refillable pod system and innovative airflow design provide a versatile and hassle-free vaping experience that is hard to beat. Overall, the SUORIN AIR PRO is a great value for its price, and it is a device that every vaper should consider.