Questions Each Family Should Ask When Considering Buying a Breast Pump

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Every mother desires for her infant to be robust and well-nourished. Many expectant mothers will go to a great extent to acquire the finest baby bottles, breast pumps, and other baby accessories. The convenience and effectiveness of an electric breast pump from brands such as Baby Express make it one of the most useful items a lactating mother can possess. However, you may question whether it is necessary, particularly if you contemplate direct attachment.

Here are three important factors to consider when making this decision.

Would your family assist in feeding your infant?

Having additional assistance to feed your infant can be a wonderful stress reliever. If you intend to have your spouse or other family members help bottle-feed your child, purchasing a breast pump to express your milk and store it in advance will make your life simpler. While you take a vacation, all your family members would have to do is heat the milk. A robust support system is essential for lactation success. Considering whether you intend to have additional assistance is an excellent way to determine if you need a breast pump.

Do you feel comfortable lactating in public?

For lactating mothers, nursing in public can be an intimate and vulnerable experience. A distinct environment may make breastfeeding your child away from home challenging. In these situations, having a bottle of expressed breast milk on board would be optimal. A lightweight and portable breast pump will enable you to pump on the go, allowing you to maintain your milk supply and prevent common breastfeeding issues such as breast engorgement and obstructed milk ducts. Pumping before leaving the house can also save you from the undesirable attention you may receive from suckling in public, and you would not have to struggle to find a suitable place to breastfeed.

Do you intend to return to work?

After the conclusion of your maternity leave, you will likely have significantly less time to breastfeed your child as freely as possible. Before returning to the office, you must also plan for your child’s nourishment time. We all know that breast milk is the most nutrient-dense milk for your infant, as it is made specifically for them.

Establish a pumping schedule and begin storing expressed breast milk at least one month before your return to work. Bring along your breast pump and pumping accessories so you can continue to pump to maintain your breast milk supply. You can enrol in a workshop or a course to prepare for this transition. Giving your infant what they require does not have to be an additional source of labour on top of your other responsibilities at work. Even if you have to return to work, a breast pump would be a useful instrument for continuing your breastfeeding journey.