Pros And Cons of Teeth Braces

Young woman with brackets

Teeth braces are widely used for correcting the shape and bite of your teeth. Antigo dentist provides a wide range of dental services to improve the appearance of your teeth and smile. Considering braces, it is essential to know all their pros and cons.


  • It facilitates the prevention of gum diseases.

The chances of gum disease are higher in a crowded mouth or in cases where teeth overlap. There is a risk of losing teeth because of decay in such circumstances. Getting braces helps to prevent that.

  • It helps in the improvement of eating habits.

Crowded teeth can lead to dysfunctional chewing and swallowing habits. Their correction by braces helps to improve digestion and other health concerns.

  • Availability of multiple options.

You can consult your dentist to choose the most suitable type of braces to fulfill your needs and choice of look.

  • Effective 

Braces are proven to correct the appearance of teeth and straighten them with time. If they are placed and maintained well, you can get excellent results for your teeth.


  • Can be expensive

Braces generally cost a hefty amount, ranging from $3000 to $5000. Some proportion is covered by insurance, but the liability for the payment for the remaining amount falls on the patient. 

  • Your diet gets restricted.

Your dentist will suggest you avoid a list of food items after getting braces. You will be forbidden from eating any hard foods like nuts or crispy vegetables like carrots. Additionally, you should avoid sugary and sticky food items at all costs. 

  • Getting braces on your teeth is a painful experience. 

Braces involve the placement of metal attachments in front of each tooth, which exposes them to a lot of pressure and discomfort. It also irritates the tongue and lips. You may experience soreness in the initial weeks of getting braces.

  • Regular brushing and flossing get harder.

Braces require proper maintenance, and that is not easy to do. Flossing gets complicated with braces. It is not possible to give up hygiene either, as it will negatively impact your oral health and cause issues. Food debris gets stuck in the braces, making it hard to get them out.

  • Braces look apparent, unlike other natural-looking restorative options.

People will notice your braces every time you open your mouth. Many people are subjected to bullying because of braces and, as a result, get extremely self-conscious over this aspect. So make sure you consider everything and decide wisely.