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Can You Get Pregnant After Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

Gastric Sleeve Surgery

There is a lot of confusion surrounding gastric sleeve surgery and pregnancy. Some people believe that you cannot get pregnant after the surgery is performed, while others think that it is still possible to conceive. So, can you get pregnant after gastric sleeve surgery? In this article, we will take a look at the answer to this question.

Is it possible to get pregnant if you’ve had gastric sleeve surgery?

The simple answer is yes, it is possible to get pregnant after gastric sleeve surgery. In fact, many women who have the surgery go on to have healthy pregnancies. However, it is important to note that you should wait 12-18 months before getting pregnant after gastric sleeve surgery to protect both you and your baby. This is because it takes time for your body to heal and adjust after the surgery.

In the meantime, focus on eating healthy and getting regular exercise to help you lose weight. And, if you have any concerns regarding your health or want to know more about getting pregnant after gastric sleeve surgery, be sure to speak with a surgeon for gastric sleeve surgery in Las Cruces to get more information. They will be able to give you specific guidance based on your individual health and situation.

Factors affecting pregnancy after gastric sleeve surgery

  1. Weight loss:One of the main benefits of bariatric surgery is weight loss, and this can have a positive impact on fertility. However, you may consider checking out whether are you a candidate for gastric bypass or sleeve, as both have been found to improve fertility in women who are struggling with obesity.
  2. Hormones: Another factor that can affect fertility is hormones. Being obese can often lead to hormonal imbalances. If you suffer from these irregularities, bariatric surgery may be a solution for you because it helps to normalize hormone levels. In turn, this improves fertility.
  3. Insulin resistance: Obesity is one of the main reasons behind insulin resistance. By losing weight through bariatric surgery, you can reduce insulin resistance and improve your chances of becoming pregnant.

To Conclude

So, there you have it! Bariatric surgery is an excellent tool for the treatment of obesity and can have significant benefits on pregnancy. If you are considering getting pregnant after gastric sleeve surgery, be sure to speak with your surgeon. They will be able to help you plan and prepare for a successful pregnancy.